In a nutshell:  Motivated by an unchecked innate tendency to dominate over other humans, unaccountable and powerful entities have devised and refined the means to subject individual citizens to plausibly deniable protocols of torment.  Such protocols are implemented using both highly advanced technological means as well as more traditional methods, which collectively allow for a variety of potential goals to be achieved, including effective squelching of perceived threats to the sociopolitical status quo; silencing of whistleblowers; extrajudicial punishment; and nonconsensual testing of neurological prostheses, directed energy weapons, and other, ever-developing high-technology products.  A plurality and possibly majority of those targeted seem to have been inducted merely for training the system’s operatives, for expanding its infrastructure and domain of application, and/or for disguising its full and eventual intentions.


Most of the information contained herein is merely a selection of salient facts concerning the ongoing phenomena usually known as organized stalking and electronic harassment, of which “mind control” is but a part.  Note that although the term “mind control” may connote to some persons the specific meaning of creating a hypnotically entranced and programmed assassin (such as was described in the novel The Manchurian Candidate at the same time that the CIA was secretly pursuing that goal among other behavioral and neurological experiments), the concept used here has the broader sense of any externally induced neurological manipulation.  An extraordinary number of websites contain much additional information but are often poorly sourced, nevertheless, the phenomenon is all too real and needs to be revealed to the general public.  Selective information about other instrumentalities of control is included for fuller context.


The reader is strongly urged not to indulge in “argument from personal incredulity”, i.e., to jump to the conclusion that what is described on this website is false because it does not accord with his/her existing knowledge and preconceptions.  For instance, difficult though it may be to accept the reality of the officially atheistic former USSR’s research into “psychotronic” phenomena (which included certain nonmaterialistic effects), it did so, and the US followed suit.  As an example of the resulting research, a study officially commissioned by the US Air Force on teleportation and released in 2004 found that “There is a wealth of factual scientific research data from around the world attesting to the physical reality of p-[i.e., psychic] Teleportation and related anomalous psi phenomena (Mitchell, 1974b; Targ and Puthoff, 1977; Nash, 1978; Radin, 1997; Tart et al., 2002)” (see p. 59 of Teleportation Physics Study by Eric W. Davis of Warp Drive Metrics, August 2004, for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, copy at Federation of American Scientists’ website).  Other examples from the technological community:  (1) “A perceptual channel for information transfer over kilometer distances: Historical perspective and recent research” by H.E. Puthoff and R. Targ, Proceedings of the IEEE [Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers], Vol. 64, Issue 3 (March 1976), pp. 329 – 354; and (2) “The persistent paradox of psychic phenomena: An engineering perspective” by Jahn, R.G., Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 70, Issue 2 (Feb. 1982), pp. 136 – 170.


The author of this website believes that the material presented here, having been carefully selected and substantiated by reliable sources, is actually less “incredible” than p-Teleportation or other psychic phenomena, although he recognizes that the vast majority of readers knows little or nothing about the actual technology and historical programs of neurological and other control.


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